Industrial Ph. D. Program
of National Interest in
Micro- and Nano-Electronics

Research Topics

Research Topics

Analog and Mixed/Signal Integrated Circuits

This topic deals with the development of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems, addressing the challenges introduced by the use of super-scaled technologies and/or by increasingly stringent performance requests (efficiency, precision, bandwidth, physical dimensions) in emerging applications. The research activities will aim at the proposal of new design approaches or methodologies applied to the development of fundamental blocks (amplifiers, comparators, voltage and current references, continuous time filters and discrete time) or integrated systems for the conversion of signals from the analog to the digital domain (Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog converters).

RF and mm-Wave Integrated Circuits

This topic deals with the study of fundamental components (amplifiers, drivers, frequency converters, oscillators, synthesizers) and complex integrated systems operating ad high frequency, up to over 100 GHz. In view of contributing to the evolution of wireless systems (beyond 5G, V2V, radar), the focus will be on the development of multi-antenna systems, on the use of carrier frequencies in the millimeter wave band (30-300 GHz), on widening the passband, on noise reduction and improvement of interferer tolerance, on integrated interfaces for the convergence of communication systems and sensors. Moreover, integrated systems for high-speed data transfer over physical channels (intra-chip, chip-to-chip, backplane and optical fiber links) are considered with the aim of increasing the capacity towards TBit/s/channel, also through the use of integrated photonic technologies.

Digital Integrated Circuits and Memories

This topic deals with research on data storage systems and digital information processing. The first includes the development of integrated circuits for performance advancement (capacity, speed, density, reliability, efficiency) of static, dynamic and non-volatile memories, both for stand-alone and embedded applications. Such circuits include read/write and addressing interfaces, besides memory cells themselves, also with advanced logical and computational functionalities based on emerging technologies, such as magnetic, ferroelectric, phase change, resistive, spin-transfer-torque materials. The second focuses on the study of design methodologies and architectural solutions for microcontrollers, microprocessors, graphics processors, processors and accelerators for specific applications, digital circuits for communications and multimedia, as well as the development of integrated circuits for the management and interfacing with information processing systems based on quantum technologies (quantum computers).

Integrated Power Management

This topic deals with improving efficiency and studying new integrated solutions for energy management in low-power (such as IoT and consumer applications) and high-power (such as electric cars and industrial applications) electronic systems. This includes precision regulators and switching converters based both on traditional inductive solutions and capacitive or hybrid solutions, both with silicon devices and with emerging compound semiconductor technologies (GaN and SiC). Moreover, integrated electronic circuits and systems for energy conversion, transfer and storage (such as interfaces for photovoltaic generation systems, wireless-power transfer and battery management) are considered.

Emerging Devices and Technologies, Microsensors and MEMS

This topic deals with integrated circuits and systems that take advantage of emerging devices and technologies. At the single device level, the focus is on new solutions for transistors, following the directions called "More-than-Moore" and "beyond CMOS", biological sensors, active and passive micro-fabricated sensors and actuators in micro-mechanical technologies (MEMS) and photonics. At the technological level, the focus is on assembly and integration solutions, including vertical integration, packaging, silicon photonics, micro-fluidics, lab-on-chip, printable electronics, technologies for wearable, unmanageable and implantable integrated systems.